6 WallPaper WordPress Themes-Upload photos and earn

Wallpapers are from the beginning of GUI and this is the one feature that nobody dare to remove from any version of any Operating System.  Wallpaper WordPress themes are basically designed to explore this feature of all the operating systems. Wallpapers are on almost every computer device and we as a user love to change the wallpapers on our device now and then.

Here in this article we will show you 6 beautifully designed Wallpaper WordPress themes using them you can start making money online- Just upload images and make money online, Nothing special on this methods.Even this method to make money online was discussed in a blog post on binarynote.com

#1 WallPaper WordPress theme V3

Wallpaper WordPress Theme v3

This is the one of the best optimized Wallpaper WordPress theme to earn money online via photo uploading. This theme automatically generate different sizes requested by the user.

The best part of this WordPress theme for Wallpaper is – It does not store multiple copies of your uploaded image on the server, instead of that this Wallpaper theme generate the requested image on the fly thus save a lots of disk space on your server.

This way you can run your Wallpaper based website on any type of shared hosting. This theme is highly recommended for all those who want to run their website on shared hosting and have limited resources.

When you download this theme – This theme bundled with Theme  + Documentation + Sample Data + Required plugins

Demo of Wallpaper WordPress theme v3      Recommended Hosting

#2  Wallpaper WordPress theme v2

Wallpaper WordPress Theme v3

This is the exact replica of the same wallpaper WordPress theme v3. The theme is responsive and also optimized for Google Adsense. This theme generates all the possible image sizes when you upload your image on the website.

Auto post after Image upload plugin automatically generate a post for your every upload, this plugin help you to ready your theme within few hours to make money online.

Wallpaper WordPress theme v2 bundled with  Documentation + Sample Data + any Extra plugin if required + personalized support for one domain of your choice.

Demo of Wallpaper WordPress theme v3

#3 Abhishek Wallpaper WordPress theme

Abhishek Wallpaper WordPress theme is the third Wallpaper WordPress theme developed by binarynote.com for its own reader abhishek kundu, Who send this theme HTML file. Later on the HTML file was converted into beautiful Wallpaper WordPress theme.

The theme is responsive design and also bundled with some amazing features that perhaps you have not seen anywhere on the net.

Besides that the theme is dirt cheap and author claims that you will not be able to grab such theme on the net in this price.  We would highly recommend you to check its demo before finalizing your decision.

Demo of Abhishek Wallpaper WordPress theme

#4 DarkNight WordPress theme for Wallpaper

DarkNight WordPress theme for Wallpaper is based on underscore and bootstrap 3.0 so rest assured about its responsiveness and other features that is required to rank on mobile search. The theme is also bundled with responsive google ads and other unique features.

Theme comes with beautiful admin panel that will take no time to change theme logo and other vital settings besides that you can also change the fonts type and style from the backend.

Other salient feature of Dark Night Wallpaper WordPress theme are

  • Responsive Design
  • Built in Google Adsense support
  • SEO Optimized as per Yoast recommendations
  • Image Generator
  • Built in Pagination System
  • Built in related Wallpapers
  • Built in Download counter
  • Built in Total view counter
  • Finally built for speed
Demo of Dark Night Wallpaper WordPress theme

#5 Swarnima Wallpaper WordPress theme

Wallpaper WordPress theme Swarnima

Responsive Wallpaper WordPress theme

Swarnima Wallpaper WordPress theme was inspired by “KISS” concept ie keep it simple stupid, thus the design and other factors that is required to stand out this theme from the jungle of Wallpapers themes. Still theme has some very appealing design and unique feature and based on bootstrap 3.0

This theme does not generate multiple copies of any uploaded image but keep the original image in the centre of the theme.

A fully responsive, Adsense optimized simple yet elegant Wallpaper WordPress theme.

Some salient feature of Swarnima Wallpaper WordPress theme are

  • Full responsive WordPress theme for Wallpaper Designed with Bootstrap 3.0
  • Adsense ready, no need to add extra plugins
  • Bulk Image uploader plugin
  • Beautiful Documenation
  • Sample Data
  • Customize support for one domain of your choice
Demo of Swarnima Wallpaper WordPress theme

#6 Anuj WallPaper WordPress theme

If you want speed over other thing then this Wallpaper WordPress theme is for you. The Theme is specially designed for speed. It has the smallest file footprint on the server and have highest speed on the GTmetrix.

The theme was basically based on the requirement of our best friend anuj rathi. Some of the best features of anuj Wallpaper WordPress theme is as follows

  • Two column fixed width Layout
  • Built in Google adsense support and highly optimized WordPress theme for better CTR
  • Smallest CSS only 9KB in size
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Built in Pagination system
  • Built with the best Practices of HTML 5
  • SEO optimized for better results
  • 96/100 Pagespeed score on Gtmetrix.com on shared hosting taking only 1.3sec to load with 12 wallpapers on the homepage
Demo of Swarnima Wallpaper WordPress theme

final thoughts on Wallpaper WordPress themes

WallPaper WordPress themes have already proved that they are one of the best and quickest method to upload Images and make money online.  These listed themes are smart solution for Wallpaper based Websites.

Which one is your favorite theme among these one?  Do let us know via your comments

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