7 Must use plugin with Wallpaper WordPress theme

The best theme designer always know what to be included in a theme and what should not be included in a theme. Though all our WordPress themes are designed for speed and SEO still there are few plugins that will dramatically improve the working of your Wallpaper website.

All our Wallpaper websites support all major WordPress plugins still We strongly believe your must have either these ones or equivalent plugins.  All these plugins are not in any specific order

Yoast SEO  :

This is one of the most used and my favorite plugin to enhance the SEO score of your website. Right now this plugin also support social sharing and social interaction.

Watch this YouTube Video on setting up Yoast SEO

JetPack by Automatic

jetpack is not a single plugin but a collection of plugins but the feature that we love the most is – automatic publishing the published post on numerous social media channels like twitter, facebook etc.

Force Thumbnail Regenerate

It is learned that most of our buyer does not install our Wallpaper WordPress theme on a brand new domain and there is no such theme or plugin which automatically regenerate our old uploaded images.

The plugin not only regenerate the images as per your new theme / plugin but also remove all the previously generated UN-necessory image size.

NOTE : If you are installing our theme on any old domain name then it is required to use this plugin to make  proper thumbnails.

W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache

Both are recommended plugin to enhance the page loading time of your Wallpaper based Website. The plugins are used to reduce the page size.

Wp Smush.It

This simple plugin is used to reduce the image size of your uploaded images this your website page consume less time to load.

Conclusion on WordPress plugin for Wallpaper Website

These are the recommended plugins from our side. If you are using any extra plugin that according to you can enhance the working of your Website. Do not hesitate to recommend us to include in this list.

About the Author
Hi Friends, I am rakesh kumar, Your niche WordPress theme developer, Wallpaper WordPress theme are designed for speed and Adsense. IF you think these themes need any extra X factor. Do not hesitate to contact me at rakesh@binarynote.com, We will be happy to listen.

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