How to regenerate Image thumbnail for download

If you have just installed our wallpaper WordPress theme, chances are there that your current WordPress installation have some images that you also want to be displayed as a Wallpapers in different sizes.


As You are well aware that any Theme or software installation can not resize your previously uploaded images in different sizes, thus it is always suggested to regenerate your thumbnails to suite your current theme installation.

How to regenerate thumbnails

In order to generate new thumbnails and remove all unnecessory images from your wordpress installation, You are requested to install Force Thumbnail regenerator from WordPress plugin repository by Pedro.

The beauty of this plugin is – It automatically remove all your previous image sizes and regenerate the new sizes as per your new theme requirement.

You are requested to check the whole video very carefully.  The video size is around 1 minutes but the whole process can take even hours depending the size of your Images.


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